Monday, February 14, 2011

Modern day Martyrs

When we hear the word 'Martyr' we often imagine hard headed person who is so convinced in his/her faith that they are ready to give up their lives no matter what cometh their way. St.Lucia comes to mind, as she refused to give up her Catholic faith and as a result was brutally tortured, as the Romans pulled out her eyes as she was praising our Lord. St.Matthew the evangelist was skinned alive for refusing the give up his faith. St.Paul was beheaded, St.Publius was thrown into the Lions pit & many thousands of others were slaughtered in the name of paganism and atheism, so it is unjust when Atheists proclaim "The Church has a lot of blood to answer for, her inquisitions and crusades" But as we have just seen Atheists too have a lot of blood to answer for.

many a time athiests also state that religion just brings conflict and fighting, again another unfounded comment. Atheism doesn't bring fighting?  NAZIAM, STALINISM, COMMUNISM, ABORTION......what are these if not acts of crime against humanity, surely Nazism wasn;t done in the name of Christianity was it? According to the freemasonic society we live in they have been trying to put blame on the Church even for Nazism!
They have invented so much against our Holy Father Pope Pius XII who reigned over the Church from 1939-1958. They also stated that since Hitler was educated by Jesuit priests he admired them a lot etc and basically they have been trying to blame the Church for Nazism too. Well it stops here. Does that have eyes to read the following will read:

Pope Pius XII had been Apostolic Nuncio in Germany in 1932, thus before he became Pope. Hitler wanted to sign a 'concordat' with the Vatican stating that the Vatican will not interfere in German Political business.
Eugenio Pacelli (Pius XII) signed this concordat considering it fair. After his election to the Papacy in 1939 Hitler wasn't all to happy, when Pius XII learned that Jews were now being exterminated he was extremely confused on what to do. On one part had he spoken openly he would have almost certainly caused more damage as Hitler would have then seen him as an enemy, thus invading the Vatican (one must remember that since the Vatican is a separate state and the Nazis had taken Rome, they placed a border around the Vatican stating that if any one crossed the border they had the right to arrest them, thus the Pope was a prisoner) The Nazis had also allocated and killed 60,000 Catholic priests and Nuns. Thus the Pope feared that rather than speak openly against them and risk larger deaths, he would use the Church;s great properties to their favor. He ordered that each and every convent and monastery take in as many Jews as could be found. He even opened the Vatican to them and his own Castle 'Castell Gandolfo' in Northern Rome they even forged passports to help Jews escape, but amidst all this, the chief Rabbi of Rome admired Pope Pius XII so much in his Christian principles and Charity that he converted from being a high Jewish official to being Roman Catholic and taking the name 'Eugenio' after Pius XII. So what stained Pius XII's reputation?

Good question. In the 50's a film came out written by some German fellow, mocking Pius XII for being a hypocrite etc, the film wasn't even made by Jews, but Germans! As the Jews had been helped very much by the Church thus they never dreamed of attacking her like that, but the Germans at the time had other plans. Slowly this film grew and suspicions were raised and as the devil always does, he fans the flames....until today there are thousands who have built their judgment on MEDIA-facts, which seldom hold any fact all together.

But now what are we trying to point at? Simply that one needent have physical torture to be a martyr, but  even simply looking at the Pope, Benedict XVI, one can see him being made a martyr due to these continuous attacks made by the media against him. Ever since his election the media has done nothing but attack him continuously. First they attacked him for being German, that he was in the Hitler youth as a young adolescent (not knowing that every youth had to be enrolled in Hitler youth as they had registry's of every family and noted who wasn't in attendance would be arrested) Then they attacked him for being conservative and strict and called him God's rottweiler, then they attacked him for 'covering up' pedophile scandals, when he decided to take action and forbid homosexual men to enter for priesthood they attacked him of being a homophobe, anti-homosexual, when he tried to point out to Islam that they are being unjust by exploding Churches and killing Christians in Africa, the media again attacked him calling him an anti-muslim, they again attacked him for not allowing women to be ordained priests as a (SEXIST) And the list goes on and on...

What is Pope Benedict if not a modern Martyr? The media who is so influential has stained his name again and again, the thing of the pedophilia is one which I have managed to study at great length!
When Pope Benedict was still a Cardinal and was placed as Head of the inquisition he wrote a detailed document asking each bishop to keep these reports within and not to report them to the Police for several reasons, 1) fear of scandal, 2) fear of loosing jurisdiction and 3) fear of labeling the priesthood as a whole.
In Ireland the situation was different, Cardinal Ratzinger had actually instructed that the Police must get involved, but when the Police were notified they refused to touch the cases. Cardinal Ratzinger sought to defrock the priests named for the abusing of minors and had actually defrocked many. The situation wasn't easy and they had to try and work against revealing a scandal. But the media love scandal. The media is the one who made greatest scandal out of this all as it continuously gave report after report......on Catholic priests (some innocent) rather than report fairly about the number of Buddhists monks who were also reported for being pedophiles and other religious ones, the media took down the Pope on it alone, The Church has been trying to implement measures but again is attacked for it, as the Church is against the entrance of homosexual men into the priesthood, the media saw this as homophobia, but why, if the cases were mainly homosexuality 16 and up? Rather the media called this Pedophilia which is usually associated with children below the age of 12.. Again the mass media throws mud at the Pope himself rather than the individual.

The Church again is recovering from these attacks and is getting back up as a very interesting dream St.John Bosco once had was: he saw two large columns in the middle of the open sea, on one column stood the Virgin Mary and on the other Christ in the Eucharist. in between them a large ship always trying to steer between the columns and tie her chains to the column, but other ships driven by demons kept firing at the ship trying to tie at the columns. The main ship between the columns was manned by the Pope and every time the ship was damaged the angels of God came to her and revitalised her. This dream of St.John Bosco is not only a little sign to us that the demon attacks the Church again and again but that the demons of hell are ever more active.

We pray that the Virgin Mary guide us purely to Christ her son our God who reigns for ever and ever.

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