Saturday, May 11, 2013

The corruption of Children

Each and every system that depends on the future generations tries to make an impact on the young who will one day be the main workforce of society. The threat towards the faith is a major issue as major building blocks of society either 1)Teach things contrary to the faith, 2)Demand an end to faith, 3) Teach a corrupt version of the faith. And what better way is there to destroy the faith than by teaching it wrongly?

It is indeed difficult for children growing up today to make decisions when it comes to their faith in Christ and his Church, as on the one hand they are presented with a belief which demands strong faith which is balanced with reason, whilst on the other hand they are told that reason is the only means of acquiring knowledge and with that knowledge faith is not required. In actual fact, it is to be avoided at all costs.

  It is the case that those between the ages of 12-19 (sometimes even older) who had received the  faith from their parents, either no longer practice that faith or have a difficult time accepting it. They want to believe but deep inside they feel that  something is prohibiting them from that full communion. They feel ashamed to be abandoning something that as children they loved so much and believed so much and so easily without question, but even that now begins to pose difficulties for them as they begin thinking that the lack of questioning they did as children was due to their idiotic childish state, and that they must grow out of it to grow up and be what the world wants them to be.

Still there remains a battle within many, they want to grow up and do adult things but deep within, just as they experience feelings against the faith, so they experience feelings for the faith. The depth where these feelings originate are uncertain, but it is surely deep within the human framework in a place untraceable.

This interesting point brings us to a famous idiom which I'm sure you've heard at some point.
"You are what you eat"

Such a statement/idiom actually holds a lot of truth. In the physical nature of man we find the organs and biological make up of the human. The digestive system is where food is actually processed and absorbed.
At the bowels the food is fully absorbed and becomes part of the human. In the old Latin Mass (tridentine)
there used to be an ancient prayer which the priest recited just after he would consume the Eucharist:

"May Your Body, O Lord, which I have eaten, and Your Blood which I have drunk, cleave to the bowels of my very soul and grant that no trace of sin be found in me, whom these pure and holy mysteries have renewed. Who live and reign, world without end. Amen."

It is a fact therefore that Christ becomes one in us and us in him at the reception of his body. 
An atheist would argue that it is impossible to become part of Christ as Christ is non existent since the soul is non existent also. An argument used very often is that no scientist or doctor has ever encountered a soul within the human. But that is precisely the point! The most important things are often invisible, Just as electricity is invisible, so we see the light it emits. In medical procedures no doctor can locate a soul, just as no doctor can locate feelings or emotions but none the less just because we can't locate emotions or feelings does it mean they are non existent? 

Here therefore we can finally pinpoint as to the development of children into teenagers and the loss of faith they begin to experience. Their innermost being is already formed by the sacraments which cling to them as a holy stain which even the greatest evil could never remove. However the free will of man which God instilled in every human remains, untouched and unchanged by any sacrament. Strictly speaking a man could receive Holy Communion, walk out of Church and murder someone as soon as he exists the church. The whole focus here is that God will only act if the person allows him to act.

This is why today many teenagers end up loosing the faith which they really loved as children. As they receive communion they go back to their place, sit and dose off into wonderland rather than pray a communion prayer begging Christ to walk in and cleave to them and not let go.  Then comes the Thanks giving prayer after mass, which today is non-existent. Prayers of thanksgiving were a common sight after Mass, but went out the window together with the old Mass as the Hippie-guitar brigade demanded that it was an extremity leading to fundamentalism and that the mass was enough and people didn't need to say extra prayers after Mass.

If you attended a conference and were given a free blank cheque which you could cash for millions of Euros, would you not stay after the conference was over to thank the speaker who gave it to you?
With mass it's different surely, much different, because what we receive is not a blank cheque but Christ, the God man, the Trinity. Therefore how is it fundamentalism to remain after mass and thank God for the sacrament he has given to us? So complaining that the future generations are growing up to abandon the faith is partly due to the generation before them that is telling them that any extra prayer is fundamentalism.

Pray till the end of days, for the birds praise God by the flight they take to the skies and ends of the earth, so the sea creatures praise God in their moving through the waters, from the greatest depths of the Ocean to the shallowest of rivers, and so do the herds of animals running free over the earth praise God in their freedom, let man therefore who is created above all of these creatures, bow down to God and offer sacrifice day and night, let man walk with  God at each moment of his life, because it is with God for eternity that man will live, face to face with his creator.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The clowns that Hijacked the faith

The remarkable changes that took place within the Church over the past 50 years could be compared to an atomic bomb which exploded right at the centre of Rome. Those who often attack the Church demanding she catch up with the modern world have no clue what they're saying, as they surely haven't seen the changes that have indeed taken place and have gutted the Church of her prestige and glory.

After having fasted from Midnight, the average Catholic family would walk into church on a Sunday morning, each member holding a missal. They would genuflect as a sign of respect towards God held in the Tabernacle and find their way into a pew and kneel for several minuets to pray the prayers of preparation before Mass. Sung Mass lasted two hours whilst low mass lasted around 25 minuets. All the faithful received Communion kneeling and directly into the mouth (hand communion was unthinkable). the priest and faithful all faced the same direction (toward East) which was an ancient custom to face the direction where Christ walked the Earth and where tradition holds, he will descend upon the Earth in Glory at the end of time.
No one complained that they couldn't "see the priests face" and the famous "he's giving us his back" wasn't even thought of. All that was clear to priest and faithful alike was the sense of worship as priest and laity faced East as the priest offered a sacrifice on their behalf.

The choir and schola would sing the parts of the mass written into chant centuries earlier thus praying in the same manner as our ancestors had prayed for centuries, with the use of the Latin language which was a prized trophy for the Church after she converted the Roman Empire. The Latin language also served as a sense of mystery between the priest and the people and allowed the people to participate in silence altogether focusing on the offering of the priest rather than the responses to prayers. The Church had prayed in this manner for centuries, until the 1960's when the Second Vatican Council was called. The council wasted no time in bringing immense change within a matter of months, and what had taken centuries to build was destroyed practically overnight. As Pope Emeritus BENEDICT XVI had stated when he was the Cardinal Ratzinger "The mistake of the council was that the old building was demolished and a new one built rather than building on the old." 

The divine providence of the Holy spirit guided the council fathers to try and make the correct decisions which many a time were taken, but in the aftermath of the Council chaos spread like wild fire. When the Council had asked that "Choirs be diligently promoted" we suddenly saw masses of guitar and drum banging hippies take to the churches with their neo-tribal noise. Where the council had asked for Latin to remain the norm for saying Mass, but the common language could be permitted, it was implemented the opposite way round with Latin becoming the exception, and what an exception it was as it was nearly obliterated from every church in the West.

There were those who begun wondering as to how these changes were allowed to take place such as priests who had always prayed one form of mass, were now introduced to a new form. Just to give an example; there was no directive whatsoever which came from Rome asking the priest to celebrate mass facing the people but suddenly it became the accepted norm. Those who wanted to promote it suddenly filled peoples mind with all sorts of ignorant comments such as the famous "It's rude for the priest to give us his back" and when those who wanted to retain the traditional form of celebrating mass came up with the fact that now the priest is facing the people but giving his back to the tabernacle, the liberal clown and Hippie brigade solved the problem by removing the tabernacle from the centre and literally throwing it onto the side somewhere. In many churches one had to literally LOOK FOR the tabernacle, and the words of Mary Magdalene are repeated again: "They have taken our Lord and I do not know where they have taken him"

The banalities which the sacrifice of the mass has been subject to are horrific and the list is as long as it is sad, surely many of it was planned by those liberals whose job it was and still is to subject the Church to embarrassing news. The Clowns of modernism have not only found favor with Popes and Cardinals but they seem to have caused a split in the Church between those who want to take their faith seriously and those who couldn't care less whether the faith was dead or alive. 

Indeed the faith has had it's fair share of Pocahontas women dancing half naked in the Church wearing nothing more than a Bikini, fostering the dance of Tchaikovsky's nut cracker whilst dawning a tutu in the temple of God.

                                                                SO HERE YOU HAVE IT!!

       FROM THIS                                                                     TO THIS

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Resurrected blog

After having abandoned the blog due to important commitments I have decided to return to blogging for the sake of those who feel lost by the lack of teaching they are receiving from the Church today.
It's often the case with many of us that we frequent Holy Mass every Sunday (skipping out sometimes) and we leave the church feeling exactly the same as when we entered. If this is the case you're suffering from Catholic Caner. You're not alone. The majority of Catholics today suffer from Catholic Cancer, which is an illness that spreads in the person's soul due to the lack of spiritual immunity which is not present within them mainly due to the lack of teaching the person received (or rather failed to receive).

The Church today is in a state of utter chaos from the Sexual abuse problems and homosexual activity among clergy to the disastrous "performances" of new age liturgies. We often hear people state that the Church has always passed through difficult times and that this period of horror is fine when compared to the other challenges the Church faced. I say WRONG. Why are the modern day problems totally different to the ones the Church faced in the past. The answer is simple.

In the past the Church was faced with many attacks but all these attacks against her doctrine originated from outside, not within the Church. You might ask, but what about the heresy of 'Arianism' wasn't it accepted by many bishops in the beginning therefore also being an attack on the Church from within? Yes indeed Arianism was accepted for a brief period of time and there were many disputes among clergy at the time but the matter was soon cleared up and the profession of what the Church really teaches was reminded and
re-affirmed. Today's problems are far worse and on a larger scale.

Let us take as an example the Homosexual subculture that exists in the ranks of the clergy (all the ranks), it has existed for centuries and been frowned upon for centuries. In the past if certain members of the clergy suffered from homosexual tendencies, they had to seek out their lovers in secrecy, the same with heterosexual priests who fell into sin. After the horrors of the 1960's 'Sex Revolution' many convents, seminaries and houses of formation allowed their homosexual candidates to "explore their sexuality" as a healthy part of their development. This was an excuse to allow perverts to "run a muck" and jump into bed with each other.

The problems were noted by superiors and rectors alike but many allowed the problem to grow and spread as they didn't even think of it as a problem in itself. Concerned bishops ignored the problem, adopting a centuries old technique that had worked wonders for the Church in the past, the approach of "Silence".
They taught that if they ignored the problem it would go away. Had it been 1400 A.D that approach might have worked but after the '60's Sex Rev' nothing was really the same anymore including the Church. And the bishops were asleep whilst their flocks of sheep were surrounded by hungry wolves.

Not only did the problem 'not go away' but it grew and spread until thousands upon thousands of parents begun asking questions as to why their son's as altar boys weren't keen on serving Father X's Mass on Sunday, only to find out from their children years later that several years earlier they had been abused by Father X. Once again the bishops adopted the approach of silence, and simply shifted the priest to a different parish hoping that it would stop. Of course the problem only grew as more children fell prey to these men who were never meant to be entrusted with the priesthood in the first place.

Now comes the tricky bit. Notice how the modern mass media report on the stories on Sexual abuse by priests. They always use the term "pedophile priests." Why is that? And no it's not because they prey on kids. Surely you note how the media is promoting the Homosexual culture, even in television series now, it's almost become a media teleseries/soap opera tradition to insert a gay couple into the movie or what ever you want to call it. They hide mixed messages for children to unravel in their minds so that as they grow older, the next generation will be more open and accepting of homosexuality. Now we come back to the sex abuse business.

The Majority of sexual abuses which took place by "priests", or actually the majority of victims were those boys who were either going through puberty or had passed it, therefore between the ages of (13-17). Very few cases were reported where the abuses took place on children.(non-teens). With this evidence it is clear to note that the problem is not pedophilia but homosexuality in this case. And as heterosexual pervert would fall for the youthful look of a 15 year old girl, so a homosexual pervert would fall for the beauty of a 15 year old boy. The secular media (and it's hidden agenda) therefore ALWAYS refrain from even mentioning homosexuality when it comes to sexual abuse by priests as they do not want to link homosexuals to abusers, since they're trying to push the 'Gay culture.'

Do we continue discussing the problems within the Church at this point? Surely not in this article,  however more articles will be added in due time, and we ask people's input, by sending any questions you may have, which will be answered in posts/articles to come. You could choose to post anonymously or not.

God bless you for reading.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Lenten Penance

The 8th of March marks the beginning of Lent, a preparation for the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Church obliges us to fast and abstain from certain luxuries to imitate the fast Christ endured for 40 days in the desert, thus detaching himself from all his friends, and meditating in a place of silence. Thus a clear reminder to us that should we wish to meditate and pray we must seek silence, many of us know that in Churches one can come across people talking and singing with guitars and drums, truly contrary to the silence and meditative atmosphere Christ searched fro when praying himself, but surely we would know more than Christ him self!

This year has already been marked with so much bloodshed, from the revolts in the Arab lands to the unrest in China, and Lent this year will give us more to meditate on, for the peace which Christ preached so much about, the same peace the Apostles greeted each other with, the same peace that the world itself doesn't understand, but with greed and selfishness we all know that Christ is not given any space to operate in. With secular governing comes secular attitudes, the European monarchs who once put Christ at the top of everything on the Agenda would not hear of injustice on their own people. The exception was of course if there was a monarch who turned away from God, but for the great monarchs such as Louis IX, Karl von Habsburg, Elizabeth of Hungary, Elena the Empress, Ludwig, etc the imitation of Christ was fundamental in their reign, which of course would lead them to sainthood.  

Can we too make a difference this Lent? One could simply give up a nasty habit such as smoking or indulging in expensive and refined dining to just simply consuming the little one needs to remain healthy, or maybe switching off the television when our favourite program is on whilst reciting the rosary in it's place. These little suggestions are simply 'suggestions' every one can sacrifice in his/her own way.

We sometimes hear people saying "I am not a fan of meat and sweets so for me it doesn't make a difference to Abstain from them on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday"  and as common as this saying may be, one can reply with the following that the Church's law is meat and sweets must not be consumed on those days, whether you like it or hate it. if it doesn't make a difference to you because you don't like sweets or meat, then stick to the Church's law of Abstaining from the latter mentioned foods + include another kind of food which you love, thus offering a worth fast. Let us not play the fool with God, God who is Omnipotent.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Muslim Revolution (French Revolution)

This Revolution that is unfolding before our very eyes in the Muslim countries is an indication of the peoples suffering which has been caused due to the injustice they have suffered for too long a time. What these people fail to realise is that the democracy they are asking for is a weapon that will work against them in the end.

By sticking to Europe we too could be at the right moment to produce our arguments in the forms of protests in favour of the monarchy and against the injustices that have taken place against the Austrian Monarchy which was pulled down in a strange manner that has a shady past. Could the Americans be blamed for thi? After all it was after they moved in that the monarchy in Austria fell. What we do know for sure is that Democracy has prooved to be a disaster that has promised equality (which could never be achieved), Fraternity (which could never exist), and Liberty (which is erroneously understood). The French Revolution managed to successfuly outcast God from society and has modeled the government on a secular mold, which has plagued Europe with God's wrath, France the eldest daughter of the Church has deemed God to be ubiquitous and laid back for a modern government, but of course what many fail to realise is that the republich which was founded thousands of years ago by the ancient Greeks was modeled on a PAGAN and Athiestic structure, and till today it lives up to it's name. But the monarchy? Well the first Monarchy we are made certain of is "King David" anointed by God or Solomon anointed by Nathan the prophet, and as Christianity sprouted from Christ so the monarchy continued moving on with Christ moving into greater Europe forming the Kingdoms of divinely anointed monarchs, many of whom even attained sainthood for their pious works.

But our masonic run society knows better, and a monarchy is seen as myopic and old fashioned surely the freemasonry is old fashioned then is it not? And if people think that the freemasonry are just a group who meet up to munch on Chips and Hot dogs every Friday night, they better think twice because the Freemasonry have been credited to some of the greatest horrors of history. Voltaire ( one of the main proponents of the French Revolution) was a Freemason and was welcomed in the USA with Pomp and Glory. many of the US presidents were Freemasons if not all of them, in fact the USA is founded by masonic brotherhoods. Their paper money speaks for itself like a jigsaw puzzle which is so obvious but in life, sometimes the things that are most obvious are not seen. if one takes a US bank note one could note near the Pyramid the words "Novous Ordo Seclorum." My Latin is not perfect but 'Novous ordo' is simply new order, and 'seclorum' means to be secular, hence when annexing the word  you get "New secular order" you could look that up in your own free time. But a greater question is this, why have New Secular order, and then have "in God we trust" Surely it's not the Lord God Yahweh the trinity, bore of the Virgin Mary.
It is clear that money is nothing more than a contract. You walk into a store you hand a $10 note as a contract that you have purchased $10 worth of food of Petrol, so many is the main contract that ties a contract. What greater way to spread Satanism and freemasonry then to have this contract in the hands of every citizen if a country. Each and every person will own a contract and use that contract in every day life to do things, whether its filling your car tank, shopping for clothes, shopping for food, buying a telephone, going abroad..etc.. This is the contract that ties us to freemasonry, but we can overlook all of this if we simply pray to the Virgin Mary to present our petitions to her son our Lord Jesus Christ the eternal King and echo in the corridors of history the same words the Jewish people prayed to God "oh great God the never ending creator of all, deem fit that we may have a King to rule over us, a man King who is human like us" But we pray that God restore our kings through his divine intervention and the Holy Queen of the Angels of Heaven and of Earth, so that we too may return to what tied man to King and country above all of whom resided God in his great and splendid Glory, watching over the Kingdoms who were sons of his Church.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Modern day Martyrs

When we hear the word 'Martyr' we often imagine hard headed person who is so convinced in his/her faith that they are ready to give up their lives no matter what cometh their way. St.Lucia comes to mind, as she refused to give up her Catholic faith and as a result was brutally tortured, as the Romans pulled out her eyes as she was praising our Lord. St.Matthew the evangelist was skinned alive for refusing the give up his faith. St.Paul was beheaded, St.Publius was thrown into the Lions pit & many thousands of others were slaughtered in the name of paganism and atheism, so it is unjust when Atheists proclaim "The Church has a lot of blood to answer for, her inquisitions and crusades" But as we have just seen Atheists too have a lot of blood to answer for.

many a time athiests also state that religion just brings conflict and fighting, again another unfounded comment. Atheism doesn't bring fighting?  NAZIAM, STALINISM, COMMUNISM, ABORTION......what are these if not acts of crime against humanity, surely Nazism wasn;t done in the name of Christianity was it? According to the freemasonic society we live in they have been trying to put blame on the Church even for Nazism!
They have invented so much against our Holy Father Pope Pius XII who reigned over the Church from 1939-1958. They also stated that since Hitler was educated by Jesuit priests he admired them a lot etc and basically they have been trying to blame the Church for Nazism too. Well it stops here. Does that have eyes to read the following will read:

Pope Pius XII had been Apostolic Nuncio in Germany in 1932, thus before he became Pope. Hitler wanted to sign a 'concordat' with the Vatican stating that the Vatican will not interfere in German Political business.
Eugenio Pacelli (Pius XII) signed this concordat considering it fair. After his election to the Papacy in 1939 Hitler wasn't all to happy, when Pius XII learned that Jews were now being exterminated he was extremely confused on what to do. On one part had he spoken openly he would have almost certainly caused more damage as Hitler would have then seen him as an enemy, thus invading the Vatican (one must remember that since the Vatican is a separate state and the Nazis had taken Rome, they placed a border around the Vatican stating that if any one crossed the border they had the right to arrest them, thus the Pope was a prisoner) The Nazis had also allocated and killed 60,000 Catholic priests and Nuns. Thus the Pope feared that rather than speak openly against them and risk larger deaths, he would use the Church;s great properties to their favor. He ordered that each and every convent and monastery take in as many Jews as could be found. He even opened the Vatican to them and his own Castle 'Castell Gandolfo' in Northern Rome they even forged passports to help Jews escape, but amidst all this, the chief Rabbi of Rome admired Pope Pius XII so much in his Christian principles and Charity that he converted from being a high Jewish official to being Roman Catholic and taking the name 'Eugenio' after Pius XII. So what stained Pius XII's reputation?

Good question. In the 50's a film came out written by some German fellow, mocking Pius XII for being a hypocrite etc, the film wasn't even made by Jews, but Germans! As the Jews had been helped very much by the Church thus they never dreamed of attacking her like that, but the Germans at the time had other plans. Slowly this film grew and suspicions were raised and as the devil always does, he fans the flames....until today there are thousands who have built their judgment on MEDIA-facts, which seldom hold any fact all together.

But now what are we trying to point at? Simply that one needent have physical torture to be a martyr, but  even simply looking at the Pope, Benedict XVI, one can see him being made a martyr due to these continuous attacks made by the media against him. Ever since his election the media has done nothing but attack him continuously. First they attacked him for being German, that he was in the Hitler youth as a young adolescent (not knowing that every youth had to be enrolled in Hitler youth as they had registry's of every family and noted who wasn't in attendance would be arrested) Then they attacked him for being conservative and strict and called him God's rottweiler, then they attacked him for 'covering up' pedophile scandals, when he decided to take action and forbid homosexual men to enter for priesthood they attacked him of being a homophobe, anti-homosexual, when he tried to point out to Islam that they are being unjust by exploding Churches and killing Christians in Africa, the media again attacked him calling him an anti-muslim, they again attacked him for not allowing women to be ordained priests as a (SEXIST) And the list goes on and on...

What is Pope Benedict if not a modern Martyr? The media who is so influential has stained his name again and again, the thing of the pedophilia is one which I have managed to study at great length!
When Pope Benedict was still a Cardinal and was placed as Head of the inquisition he wrote a detailed document asking each bishop to keep these reports within and not to report them to the Police for several reasons, 1) fear of scandal, 2) fear of loosing jurisdiction and 3) fear of labeling the priesthood as a whole.
In Ireland the situation was different, Cardinal Ratzinger had actually instructed that the Police must get involved, but when the Police were notified they refused to touch the cases. Cardinal Ratzinger sought to defrock the priests named for the abusing of minors and had actually defrocked many. The situation wasn't easy and they had to try and work against revealing a scandal. But the media love scandal. The media is the one who made greatest scandal out of this all as it continuously gave report after report......on Catholic priests (some innocent) rather than report fairly about the number of Buddhists monks who were also reported for being pedophiles and other religious ones, the media took down the Pope on it alone, The Church has been trying to implement measures but again is attacked for it, as the Church is against the entrance of homosexual men into the priesthood, the media saw this as homophobia, but why, if the cases were mainly homosexuality 16 and up? Rather the media called this Pedophilia which is usually associated with children below the age of 12.. Again the mass media throws mud at the Pope himself rather than the individual.

The Church again is recovering from these attacks and is getting back up as a very interesting dream St.John Bosco once had was: he saw two large columns in the middle of the open sea, on one column stood the Virgin Mary and on the other Christ in the Eucharist. in between them a large ship always trying to steer between the columns and tie her chains to the column, but other ships driven by demons kept firing at the ship trying to tie at the columns. The main ship between the columns was manned by the Pope and every time the ship was damaged the angels of God came to her and revitalised her. This dream of St.John Bosco is not only a little sign to us that the demon attacks the Church again and again but that the demons of hell are ever more active.

We pray that the Virgin Mary guide us purely to Christ her son our God who reigns for ever and ever.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Melt down of Europe

Everything we see around us happening in Europe is evident that we are passing through a very immoral period, the melt down of Europe. The lack of respect for God has lead to a lack of respect to humanity and the world. If we can't respect God then we can't respect his teachings. People are now using the "Love thy neighbor" but not FIRSTLY "Love God above all things", so what happens, the love of neighbor becomes a false love. Such is the love for human life that any mother can choose to abort her child, and Abortion itself is a process of murder, it is not a surgical procedure or a medical operation. It is the butchering of a child in the womb. As the Abortionist thugs at the fetus and pulls out limb by limb,  or using a vacuum sucks out the baby whole. Such is love of thy neighbor? Pope Paul VI had warned us in his Encyclical "Humanae Vitae" that with contraception will come a great disrespect for the Child in the womb and for the mother, hence Abortion entered and became legal, strangely enough 98% of bishops of the Episcopal conference rejected Pope Paul VI's teaching in Humane Vitae, and again we ask what is wrong in the Church? These are the bishops who demand obedience from you and me but fail to obey the Supreme Pontiff.

many priests and bishops were intimidated into not saying anything about Humane Vitae (as they still do today) and the cries of protesters arise "Keep the Pope out of my bedroom" , but in actual fact the Pope has no interest in even being there in the first place, but what he wants is God to be there, but priests are afraid to speak about that. We can sympathize with certain bishops who have to make certain decisions, but to a point the sympathy must not over come us in creating excuses for the bishops around us. If these Bishops are columns upon whom we can rest, we will crumble and fall to the ground, and thus we see how the Church has become a 'humpty dumpty' which fell of the wall and all the Kings soldiers and all the kings men COULD NOT put Humpty back together again because there is no trust in God and there are no Kings to put Humpty together again to restore her, all we have are Republican politicians who please people for votes and each Republic recognizes all religions as equal, whilst the monarchy's of Europe recognized One Holy Roman Catholic Religion.

But what will change out of this write up? The change you must instill on yourself is the want to fight for God, fight against the Demonic forces, and small things could be done daily, start by fasting just once a week, choose a day and offer it as a fast to God, pray the Rosary, and follow what St.Paul said "Fight the Good fight and put on the full armor of God" Souls are at stake here, and each one must be claimed for God, and in the end the final line is to be drawn, that Europe belongs to God and not Atheism or Islam.